SYSTEM requirements.

Windows only !

Win XP,7,8,10 32 or 64 bit

DAW 32 bit  works

DAW 64 bit needs the J-Bridge


ASIO soundcard (better is this)

MIDI Keyboard  (playing with the mouse doesn‘t makes fun)

please test the DEMO before you buy !


What is   the 106-Emulation

The Juno 106 Emulation  brings you back the sounds from the 1980.

first - 106-Emu emulates the  Sound of the  well known hardware.

second - the 106-Emu can be use as a controller for the hardware . This with a complete set of MIDI SYSEX.

Now it is possible to prog sounds in the 106-Emulation and send it to the Hardware.

Or you can load patches into the software and  the patch is transmitted direct to the hardware .

And - you can use the Arp for the hardware.

third -  i have build  some new features into it -ON/OFF switchable .

This  are the EXTENTIONS. If you switch  the extentions on , you get an additional VCA, OSC sync, Delay, ARP, Voice doubler, a second LFO . But if you want to have only the emulation - switch  the EXTENTIONS off.

The sales version comes with 3 Banks  - round about 300 sounds.

The Demo only with a full soundbank with 128 Sounds.

I hope you will have fun with the 106-Emulation

44,95 euro include EU tax

Download DEMO

new functions with the EXTENTIONS

set the  EXTENTIONS ACTIVE and switch off the keyboard

routing SYSEX  to the hardware- unidirectional

yepp, and you can select the colors of the LEDs

Wooden sides or  black plastic is also possible .

Videos - sorry coming soon

Demo sounds on Soundcloud