Thanks for you interest on TubeOhm Instruments.

Dear User, we do all manually. The upload, write a bill and so on.

This means we need a little time to send you the download link for the Instrument you had bought.

Normally this takes 1...12 h. If you get no response from us, so please look first in your SPAM-FOLDER.

Than test if your Mail is full !!  This we had now a few times.

Very very  bad for us is, that we can‘t reach you, if your mail is full !!

We have also a few times that the MAIL to you is send in the digital nirvana.

Or we had a server crash.........or the provider doesn‘t work !

OK, shit happens.  If  you get no response, send us a second Mail and please wait a little. Don‘t forget, we are in Germany

and the time delay between  us and  for example  -USA- is a few h.

We will do our best to support you.



What is a TubeOhm USER ?

We think its is only fair that registered Musicians  - legal buyer of a TubeOhm Instrument - get special conditions if they want to buy a second or third instrument .

So we have two prices.

First, the normal street price - use this if it is your first TubeOhm instrument.

After this you are in the TubeOhm community and you are a TO-USER. 

Second: This means , if you buy a second, third,.... Instrument you will pay a less price (the TO-USER price), get betas and demos before  this are public in the Internet.

And maybe you get a sound that gives you a hit. ( we hope so )


I don‘t like  to download progs I buy, I would prefer a regular CD .

You can order all TubeOhm Instruments on CD. It is much more work so the CD-Version and the INC is very expensive.

But if you extreme want this, OK, costs 10€ more  excluding   shipping. Because, print a cover, burn CD, test CD,

ship it , wait in the office ...............


You can order our Instruments direct by click on the PAYPAL Button. Paypal send us an INFO and we send you the direct download link for your Instrument in the next 24 h.

Bank money transfer:

Another was it to transfer payment with your Bank. We hope you understand that we not make our Bank information public. So please write us a MAIL, order the instrument of your choice a make clear that you will pay via bank money transfer and not with PAYPAL.

Than we send  you our Bank informations  IBAN and SWIFT code.

After incoming payment we send you the download Link per MAIL.

This is the normal way, we ship the files via INTERNET. Fast and normally without problems, but, sometimes it is not so easy.

Problems and solutions:

Test the Instruments before you buy it. We test here  with XP / Vista / 7 and all  Host programs we know, but it is impossible to

test all systems in all configurations and with all sound cards.

We offer from all Instruments DEMOS. This are FINAL‘S with reduced functions. So test it please before you buy.

If you have problems, contact us, we will find a solution.

We let  you not stand alone in the rain. The goal is  good sounding instruments and satisfied customer.

If you have any questions , please contact us