Project DE-GENERATOR status 01.12.2016 countdown !!

Project B,c,d....

a new DIY-Synth comes with some new features like sampling, stereo, effects, loop functions, mod matrix ........



-Display 320x200 full color

-stereo Filter 12 dB stereo 24dB mono   



-inbuild delay

-sample up to 20 seconds REC/PLAY

-banks with  128 Samples on SD card

-128 inbuild waveforms for the oscillator

-SD-Ram card for Samples

-record functions for sampling on the fly

-loop functions for the samples

-mod matrix

-DIY friendly

-2 free prog knobs

-step sequencer

there is an endless list with all functions

we have implement now .

next on

27.01.2016 latest news

Software and schematics are nearly ready. In the picture above you see a screenshot from the DE-Generaor  case - not finished- but it can look like this.

Modulations matrix ready. Sample loading ready. Step sequencer ready. Software now 95%

DE-GENERATOR first impression

this is a study  how it can look , not the final interface

sample browser

sounds better now with interpolation


live oscilloscope function


Modulations matrix ready. Sample loading ready. Step sequencer ready. Software now 85%

To do: VCA improovement, audio input for direct sampling , 2  pots for ,free‘ functions, case, PCB‘s,

here you see the prototype motherboard with the ATMEL, the stereo filter,

power supply and delay.

On the right side you see the Ram, ATMEL and SD card slot.

All three parts comes on one PCB.


the user panel with the 320x200color LCD display


ATXMEGA and SD card

here some pictures from the user interface

LFO select menu

DeGenerator on TV (german)

Hello , DIY ler , we work now since three years on a new DIY sampling synthesizer and now  in 2016 we are short before end.

Actual we draw the schematics and start to make the PCB‘s.

So i think   this is the year we will finished it. Feel free to visit us on Facebook . There we post all news.

What happens new with the DE-GENERATOR in the meanetime from january until now ??

Date 01.12.2016

Panel board is ready for Production .

Schematics Filterboard is ready- PCB in works .

I think  in 2..3 weeks we have the complete electronic ready 

Case - the most works is done - we found a laser cutting factory ,   - printing is also not a problem,

So this year the electronic and in the beginning of next year the case .

Than it is DE-GENERATOR  Time ......

We will make the DE-Generator easy to build .

First - hardcore -  a complete kit with all parts

Second - an easy to build kit . All PCBs are solderes and tested .  You olny must put it togeher and  mount it into the case .

here the MOBO and the CPU board

here the MOBO and the CPU board

with all components

This is a screenshot from Hannes , and i think  , yes  this is closed near the final version.