How i can get Updates ??

Easy: send us a mail with your valid email address - The email address you have used for Paypal

Text:  please send me the update for  Instrument XXXXXX.

We send you your update link immediately per email


Copy protection: all Instruments and effects have their own watermark. We think we sell our instruments and effects for a fair price. It is a lot of work to program it and write the manuals.

And we do our bests to support each TubeOhm instrument user.


TubeOhm Instruments and WINDOWS 7 64 Bit

Please install our Instruments on WIN 7  and run it as Administrator !!

Select : right mouse click, execute as ADMIN. Than the Installation works correctly.

Then execute your VST Hostprogramm one time after the installation as ADMIN.

This because the dll extract some help-files and if you don‘t start as ADMINISTRATOR, the DLL can‘t install it‘s help-files and you become an error.


Test the instrument before you buy it ! Test means - does it work in your  host Program,  can you render audio ? Midi OK ?

This because we can‘t test all PC configuration‘s  with all Window /XP/XP64/Vista 32/64/Win7/32/64 and all Host program‘s.

Thats impossible !

For testing we use the famous popular host programs and XP, Vista and Win 7/64.

If you find something that doesn‘t  work , please contact us.  Thanks.

TubeOhm 31.08.10


5.2010  TubeOhm Instruments and virus scanner

sometimes after a virus scanner update it comes a virus alert. Trojan or virus found in Tubeohm......

That was a false positive alert !!!!! (Kasperski, sometimes AV-Antivir, AVAST after update)

Some scanners like kasperski 2010 deletes a few subroutines. Then the instrument doesn't work !!

These subroutines are extracted each time when the host programme uses the instrument. So it doesn't matter.

Remove or switch off you virus scanner and everything works !!

An other solution is to mark the files  false positive !! - if the scanner has this option -

Tip: normally don‘t use a virus scanner on you MUSIC partition. It can give errors, spikes or dropouts on you system.

Reduce the music partition to the software  you need,  no games, no internet, no graphic programs.


TubeOhm Instruments and Fruity Loops


   if you use Tubeohm Instruments in FL 7,8,9, be sure that you have in FL FIXED BUFFERS =ON.

    If Fixed Buffers is off, it can give spikes or some other problems !

Does the instruments come in MAC ?


    sorry the software at this time works only with XP /Vista /Win 7 . Maybe later

What happens with 64 bit Vst host programs ?


    we test the software with a few Vst host programs, but it is not possible to test it with all Vst hosts  in all configurations.

    So please test the software before you buy !

    Our instruments work fine with 32 bit Software.

    Only cubase4/5 64 bit it gives a known problem .

Read this:

There is a bug in Cubase-64 ‘bit-bridge’ (that runs 32-bit plugins). Arne Scheffler from Steinberg: “I filed a bug in our bug database. But I cannot guarantee that this gets fixed in the next update as the priority for any bit bridge related issues are very low.”

Sorry for this 

19.08.2010 - in Cubase 5.5/64 bit update  there is now a workaround.

How i can run the programme standalone ?

   for example, use a program like savihost or vsthost.


I will buy the software but i don‘t have a paypal account !

   Contact us, we will find a solution !!  Kontakt@tubeohm.com

The CPU usage it too high ! Sometimes i have spikes or dropouts.

   you need a reliable and faster PC. With a Q6600 each TubeOhm instrument had in the maximum 10-15% usage - one core !!

    Some dual CPU are cheaper and faster !!

I don‘t like  to download progs I buy, I would prefer a regular CD .

    we worked on it.Next time you can order all TubeOhm Instruments on CD. It is much more work so the CD-Version

     costs 10€ more  excluding   shipping.

I will order the software and pay with paypal, and then ?

   you will get a direct download link for your private TubeOhm software within 24h . Copy the link into your Internet browser.

    The download start immediately. The download file contains the software, the manual, all samples and the factory sound-bank.

I have installed the Software but where is the manual ?

    normally you find the manual on your desktop, if NOT:

    you'll find all the manuals in c: ⁄programme⁄TubeOhm/Instrument Name⁄Manual⁄Manual.pdf