NEWS HISTORY since 05.05.2014


Hello , the website  grows up and  it is hard now to get an overview about the news, new instruments and hardware.

So i think it is a good idea to make a NEWS history . So we start now.

Date:13.09.2014;          add a free Soundbank for Vintage V 1.92

Date:15.08.2014;          add Shruthacon filter for Shruthi, release  in 08.2014

Date:15.08.2014:          add Preen FM2 solder service

Date: 02.06.2014:         update a new free soundbank for Phasewave mono/poly, made by ALTERBOY

Date: 02.06.2014          AMBIKA-C MIDI controller released

Date: 05.05.2014:         update  4 new and free  soundbanks made by  ALTER BOY for ALPHA-RAY / ALPHA-RAY4free

Date: 04.01.2015:         Price for Software now with EU tax

Date  04.01.2015:         Alpha-Ray costs now 5,95, i must in this because paypal takes more than 50 euro cent  if the price is less 5 euro

Date  04.01.2015:         Bruno III new Video

Date  04.01.2015:         more infos about the DEGENERATOR hardware project

Date  06.01.2015:         Release Super Bruno-III

Date 30.04.2015:          TuBika parts/PCB‘S there sales starts

Date 16.09.2015:          add  Datenschutzerklärung (new), add Soundbank 4 for Bruno, add video with soundbank 4 demosounds

                                       add  DIY manuals for ladder, 4PM , Shruthacon and SMR4-MK2