TubeOhm Vocoder-II V 1.20



NEW: FREEZE function

New: HP filter

NEW: adjustable pitch and mod wheel

insert effect

17 bank vocoder

external inputs analysis/synthesis

inbuild synthesizer

voicepitch to synthesizer

compressor for analysis signal

inbuild analysis sampler

effects unit with chorus and delay

formant shift

12/24dB analysis and 12/24dB synthesis filter

filter spread

resonance for all filters

user mode, adjust the complete filterbank

For CU 64/Win 64 we recommend the J-BRIDGE

Sorry folks, for windows only

Product video /english

Product video /german

Here is the Vocoder-II V 1.2

now with a new FREEZE function,

FREEZE is  also trigger by LFO.

We have implement a new

HP-filter for the synth and now you can adjust the pitch and mod wheels.

Speak - with the VOCODER.

Vocals Olli - Sunset on Mars

Download DEMO

V 1.20 , german and english manual.

Test the DEMO in your DAW before you buy.

            39.00 €

Price for TubeOhm User

     49.00 €

regular price

TubeOhm Vocoder-II  V1.2

A german and english manual is included. The italian manual you can download here.

 Download Manual italianoVOCODER-II_files/Vocoder-italiano.pdf
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